Doubletop, Baxter State Park, Maine

I've hiked and camped at Baxter State Park many times over the years. Each time has been a unique experience. This day happened to be crystal clear when my wife and I climbed Doubletop. One time I went over Knife Edge when the fog was so thick you could barely see ten feet. I've hiked when the rain was so heavy that the trail was like a river. I almost always saw a moose or two and even had a wounded deer walk right up to me.

Over the years I’ve worked in many different mediums and art-related jobs. In the past I enjoyed drawing with pencil, pen & ink and charcoal, painting and photography. Some of the diverse projects I've worked on include hand-lettered signage, airbrush graphics, t-shirt design and even old-school animation.

I started pursuing a career in the fine arts, but my interest in computer programming and software lead me toward graphic design and eventually website development. I've become well-versed in the many facets of the Internet including design and usability, e-commerce, databases, software automation, open-source applications, pay-per-click, affiliate and email marketing, search engine optimization, download speed, and web and email servers.

By working with clients and many different business types I’ve found there’s often a unique problem to be solved. I've always enjoyed a challenge and am quite sure that the internet is not ever going to sit still.

Enjoy browsing my portfolio of graphic and web design work. I welcome your feedback.