The Casco Bay Weekly, was a weekly, alternative newspaper (tabloid size) that was distributed in Greater Portland, Maine. CBW was established in 1988 and unfortunately closed its doors in 2004.

I started working at the Casco Bay Weekly while in college. They bought me a brand new G4 Mac, and my graphic design career was underway.

We created ads with Quark 4 and Photoshop 5.5. Source art was scanned from a huge stack of black & white clip art books. Clients would supply super, high-quality versions of their logos, often torn from phone book ads with 85 dot screens included. Each week I would scan a file folder of photos and art. Photographers still considered jpeg a sacrilege.

We took turns designing the cover and laying out the cover story, and we each had regular columns to lay out. Ads and columns were cut out with an Exacto, ran through a wax machine and pasted up on boards with a light table. The printer, the Times Record, actually drove to our office each week to pick up the boards, to create plates to print from. Later when I became art director I eliminated paste-up by uploading pdfs for each page.

I became the web master for Each week about 30-40 pages were added. Each page was a complete html page which had many disadvantages. I began learning how to build websites dynamically with php and MySQL during a redesign. There was about seven years of archives and Microsoft Index Server to search content.

I had many creative opportunities during the four years that I worked at CBW. I lead the redesign of CBW and creation of the Maine Weekly and managed about eight apprentices. I designed and printed three books. I often created illustrations or photos for articles and even wrote a few articles.

Cover Illustration/Design

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