I worked with ClearVue Graphics for about nine years as lead graphic designer and website developer.

Clearvuegraphics.com is an ecommerce website developed with PHP and MySQL. This custom shopping cart uses authorize.net and military star card payment methods. I made a Flash module where you could see the graphic on a truck window and change the paint color.

We worked with many licensed photographers and artists to create see-through rear window graphics for trucks and SUVs. Most artwork had 8x10 proportions and was resized to fit 20x65 and 30x65 inches. I honed my Photoshop skills and learned to seamlessly add about two-thirds more to artwork with patient cloning techniques.

I became interested in software automation and used a php class called fpdf to auto-generate a 32-page catalog of about 400 products. It seemed like a big waste of time to import each product image and description individually into Quark.

I designed marketing collateral: business cards, brochures, posters, package design, post cards and more.


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